Never Waking Up Podcast #1, Dark Days Coming

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From here… Things get pretty fucked.

I've decided to start up something fresh and hopefully it will stick. I'm going to do a themed podcast-mixtape every Monday. Essentially, it's a way to get even more music into people's heads in a shorter amount of time, or something.

This Monday, I've decided to gouge your fucking brain with a few tracks centered around the noise, drone, and dark ambient fields. Why? Well, if you listened to the third Impose Selectors, you'll have heard Derek mention that I was the man to go to for noise vibes. I don't necessarily think I'm the man for the job, but fuck it, I do like noise and have some to offer.

As a warning, however, the following hour of music will, at times, shred the skin from your skull. If you have a cat or a baby in the house, you might wanna rock headphones as to avoid a hiss-fit or permanent mental damage. There's some seriously tense periods within this mix. It's not like you can just put it on in the background and go about clipping coupons or Skype-ing with your mom, shit just doesn't work that way.

Never Waking Up Podcast #1, Dark Days Coming

Intro w/ Prurient “Custer Claims His Arrow” from Rose Pillar (Heartworm Press)
Emaciator “Recurring” from Coveting (Not Not Fun)
Prurient “White Hell” from Roman (Harbinger Sound)
Failing Lights Untitled from What Once Was (Hospital Productions)
Deep Jew “Virgin” from Ugliest Man/Dog Blood (Troniks)
Black Chastity “Tender Passage” from Predator's Breath (Callow God)
Impregnable “Hunter's Boots” from Private Healer (Callow God)
Lussuria Untitled from Silk & Honey (Hospital Productions)
Malibu Wands “Some Fog Lives” from Dig A Ditch, Dig It Deep
River Magic “Spring Thaw Brings The Fever” from Spring Thaw Brings The Fever (Hospital Productions)
Yellow Tears “A Makeshift Pissoir” from The Pissmop (Hospital Productions)
Work/Death “Pearly Dew Drops Drops” from Our Quiet Times Together (Monorail Trespassing)

Yeah, I totally snuck one of my own Malibu Wands songs on there… Suck it. Put this on, turn it up, and zone out… Don't be alarmed if it causes
nightmares or your co-workers look like demons the next day, that shit
wears off — No Big Deal.