Never Waking Up Podcast #2, Trashed Head

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I don't keep up with hardcore and punk-related music as much as I used to. I don't know what bands are “cool” to listen to anymore — not that I ever truly did. I don't give a fuck about posturing or message board status. I just like what I like, and this mixtape is what I think makes up good hardcore vibes.

I don't want to go into a history lesson about hardcore and punk or talk specifics here. A lot of the bands on the mix are newer, with their own blogs and websites, and a lot of them offer up a ton of their own music for download. Try that thing where you type stuff in and search.

There's older, more stereotypical hardcore music here too since it's just as important today as it was then. And of course calling some of the stuff on here “hardcore” is a shaky proposition at best; I don't truly feel like the term perfectly describes a band like Pigeon Religion or Trash Dog or Black Dice's early work, but the influence of hardcore and punk rock is definitely there. Flipper, sure, they were pretty much just a severely fucked up, damaged rock band, but you can't deny their ties to hardcore music and their impact on the scenes we see and hear today.

Never Waking Up Podcast #2, Trashed Head

Veins – Sisyphus from Veins CS / 7″ (Youth Attack)
Cult Ritual – Ugly Years from LP 1 (Youth Attack)
Black Dice – Rereading from Lambs Like Fruit (Gravity)
Weirdos – Solitary Confinement from Message From The Underworld (Out Of Darkness)
Total Abuse – Eunuch form Mutt (PPM)
Reversal Of Man – Enoch Ardon from This Is Medicine (Ebullition)
Lotus Fucker – Who The Fuck Do You Think We Are? from Lotus Fucker (SPHC / Regurgitated Semen)
Flipper – Living For The Depression from Generic (Subterranean)
Raw Nerve – Teens In Heat from from Teens In Heat 7″ (Video Disease)
Void – My Rules from The Faith / Void Split LP (Dischord)
Sex/Vid – Nests from Nests 7″ (Dom America)
Bad Brains – F.V.K. from Rock For Light (PVC)
Slices – Migraines from Slices 7″ (Home Invasion)
Negative Approach – Can't Tell No One from Negative Approach EP (Touch And Go)
Taylor Bow – Hate Fuck from Hate Fuck 7″ (Hospital)
Trash Dog – Drink Ink from Namaste CS (Night-People)
Pigeon Religion – Warm Insides from Warm Insides CS (Drone Errant)
Black Flag – Three Nights from My War (SST)
Some Girls – Death Face from Heaven's Pregnant Teens (Epitaph)