No Honeymoon EP, It’s Whatever, Out Today

Post Author: JP Basileo

As Brooklyn starts to buckle down for colder weather, the need for warmer music becomes a little more pressing. So today, especially, seems like a perfect day for a band like No Honeymoon to drop a new EP and play a release show. The six-song album, entitled, It’s Whatever (definitely not whatever), displays a honing of a craft founded in mind-expanding guitar pedals, driving rhythms, and incensed, perhaps anguished vocals. The previewed the first two tracks from the album, in anticipation of their release show tonight at Trans Pecos in Ridgewood. The chemistry between the quartet seems at its peak, and only getting better, with the certain appreciation for the delicate balance between big sound and human empathy exhibited by a seasoned shoegazer. The tender glow of reverb on opener “We’re Doing Fine” is built upon by tasteful delay coated with a thickened, gargling bass, occasionally dipping its entire self into a vat of molasses. It contains as many layers as a mother overdressing her child before going out to jump in piles of falling leaves. That same endearment is exuded from Cait Smith’s vocal proclivity, urgent and loving and longing. It’s quite fitting for remembering summer’s active buzz, or for looking forward to winter’s peace. Suit yourself.
It’s Whatever is being released on cassette by GP Stripes.