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nocando is a virus EP

With his second free EP in 2009, Nocando lifts beats from Alex Goose's Blueprint 3 Outtakes and flips it to his liking.

Back in June we broke you off with the approved downloading of Nocando's The Patient EP. You have to appreciate Nocando's generosity in dropping a second free EP, no demands made, just a peaceful offering of songs you should be paying for. Is A Virus is 23 minutes of sickness I can stomach without the assistance of a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

This Approved Theft is a two-fer. Nocando lifted these beats from Alex Goose's free download called Blueprint 3 Outtakes. The producer was sought by an A&R affiliated with Roc-a-Fella to submit beats to Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 project. None of his beats were selected, so he started a website for people to hear the beats Jigga did not like – as if B3 was not a criminal disappointment already.

Nocando is airborne and toxic over Alex Goose's production. It's a damn shame he had to do this as a free EP and is not working closely with Goose on a project. Nocando goes off on “Scarz” with weighted wordplay like, “See I'm coddled by the Clinton years / became a man in Bush terms / and so far me and the Obamas are on good terms” and “I've got scars/ the hardest to remove / it's like a contest to see who can walk the farthest with the blues.”

Download Is A Virus here.

Nocando, “Payback”

Nocando, “Scarz”