Nocando, “Little Green Monsters” (feat. Liphemra)

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On Nocando's “Little Green Monsters” he caps off his second verse with “everything is rosey, but a rose is still thorny, bro” which encompasses his situation on the track and to an extent his station on the Los Angeles music scene.

Nocando's got a boutique label in Hellfyre Club that's gaining tread and he's still the only resident MC of Low End Theory, a gig that's taken him all over California and overseas to Japan many times over. There's a good chance that when he raps “I'm in Jakarta with a bad bitch from Borneo” it's truly autobiographical. These are the surface observations of Nocando's life, which is far from walking on sunshine. He's not immune to the every man problems and he processes them with the same shrug of “everything is everything” that his peers endorse.

Featuring Liphemra, “Little Green Monsters” is the first single from Nocando's upcoming Jimmy The Burnout record, due next year.

Nocando's Jimmy The Burnout is out February 4, 2014 on Hellfyre Club.