Nocando's Zero Hour free EP

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Hellfyre Club label head and resident Low End Theory MC, Nocando follows up his “Zero Hour” track and recent detainment with a 9-song EP of the same name. The Zero Hour EP features production by Mexicans With Guns, Busdriver, Nosajthing, Kofi, Kenny Segal and DJ Nobody. We suggest uploading the EP to your iTunes player in order to read Nocando's descriptions of each song, which includes gems like “Mexicans with Guns teams up with Blacks with degrees and makes a hit for whites with drugs”.

The Zero Hour EP precedes Nocando's The Burnout LP scheduled for a late spring release. The album is Nocando's first solo venture since the Jimmy The Lock LP in '10.

Nocando recounts his recent arrest and it coinciding with “Zero Hour”:

I was just in the glass house in DTLA for 3-days due to a warrant for a 'failure to appear' that's older than my affiliation with Low End Theory.

Funny part is that I was gonna release the song a couple days earlier for shits and giggles but after being treated like a # it means more to me that I dropped it when I did.

I wasn't in a facility with violent offenders so it was all races in 30-40 person dorms. That shit had less racial tension in it than the streets really. The police in there treat everybody like scum when mostly everyone in there just made a simple mistake.

I learned some of what of what Gov' Brown is trying to do by releasing 30,000 prisoners. People act like he's putting criminals back on the streets and it's gonna be pandemonium. Nah! He's giving the drug offenders the opportunity to serve time by going in to rehabilitation centers. He's saving taxpayers the money that they waste housing,feeding, clothing and transferring concert ticket scalpers. Hell, there are people in there who are truly regretful and reformed, but have to serve extra years because of a stern judge or an unfair law passed at a time when people were really scared. Now some of those people can get out and be with there families. If you did a home invasion or build methlabs you are fucked though.

Zero Hour here.

Zero Hour tracklisting:
01 Sold Out
02 Night Night (feat. Kevin Hart)
03 Bernie (feat. Busdriver)
04 Zero Hour
05 You Got Me Fucked Up
06 Fais Que Vou Voulez (Chopped & Screwed)
07 Oedipus
08 Westside Rentals
09 Hollywood