O-Face, “740 Turbo”

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“Baby you can drive my, car, its a luxury station wagon,” sings Seth Sobottka in the opening line of the multifaceted and riff-laden “740 Turbo”, and he means it. Like the rest of O-Face, Sobottka is a proponent of Swedish engineering to a degree that he wishes to share it with the world—the invitation is open. And while the car may or may not be what O-Face is actually offering a spin at, there is an immense amount to take away from “740”, not limited to the lyrical content. As with “Yolanda“, the first single off of the upcoming Mint EP, “740” counterbalances an intertwining guitar attack with a healthily-active rhythm section. This time, however, O-Face is in a relentless pursuit, always building towards a moment of clarity or catharsis (or both). Preston Ossman and Sobottka’s guitars play back-and-forth in perfectly off-kilter harmony, while the rest of the crew provides the momentum. Much like the (luxury) vehicle it was named after, “740 Turbo” runs forward smoothly, passing through the chorus, and a furiously sing-spoken section before hitting a party that rivals anything in O-Face’s oeuvre thus far. It is perfect representation of the focused craftsmanship that runs throughout Mint, and is above all, incredibly fun to listen to.

The Mint EP will be available on June 2 via Father/Daughter and Miscreant Records. You can listen to “740 Turbo” below.