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oooOOOooo mixtape

Every genre has its standards that countless bands and artists have tried their hand at. The singer-songwriters have “Hallelujah”. The garage rockers and punks have “Louie Louie”. Bossa Nova has “The Girl From Impanema” and hip hop has The Beastie Boys' “The New Style”, in which all the fly skimmers lend to the infinite conversation of “oooOOOooos” that ensues after one feels the beat mmmmmmmmmmm drop.

Presented by Beer and Rap, “oooOOOOooooOOOoooo…” keeps the Beastie crew chant on loop, while OFWGKTA, Redman, 3 6 Mafia, Cool Kids and Talib Kweli join the Beasties' big headed posse . Hate to call them out, but Slug of Atmosphere has a “The New Style” take on the Se7en tape that was left out of the dialogue.

(It begins at the 4:21 mark.)

It's excusable though, considering DJ Hunnicutt and Serg were probably on the verge of madness after complining 36-minutes worth of “oooOOOooos”. If we ever legalize torture again, leaving a prisoner strapped to a chair with “The New Style” shouts on loop would be a fine way to make them squirm and give up the information.