Open Mike Eagle, Rent Party Extension EP

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Rent Party Extension

Since his Mush debut Unapologetic Art Rap, Open Mike Eagle has made party music for people who hang out for the sole purpose of overanalyzing obscure things. It's a bigger demographic than you'd think. He's not operating exclusively in this channel, but a fair share of his material is a comfort blanket for nerds who get his reference to the Dinosaurs episode “The War on Pistachios”.

Open Mike Eagle, “Neighbor”

With production by Hot Sugar, Alpha MC, Infinity Rock and Taco Neck, Rent Party Extension is part of Mike Eagles' EP series to go a remix and three songs beyond a track from Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes. For those who saw Mike Eagle at our Austin Imposition (or listened on Newtown Radio) and were wondering when they'd hear the song with the Kreayshawn line that made them laugh at a rap show, direct your ears to “Neighbor”. For those who listen to Milo and think he should do a track with Open Mike Eagle with an excessive amount of nerding out, your wait is also over. Direct yourselves to “Boss Fight”. Open Mike Eagle explains his intentions behind the EP (via Okayplayer):

Rent Party Revolution is a song I wrote about and for all the folks I know with hyperactive minds that live in a world that isnt designed to inspire their potential. It's my story of growing up a “smart kid” and being led to believe that that was all I’d ever need to achieve all the things I thought I wanted in life. This EP is an extension of that theme. It's for all the broke nerds out there. I got together with some of my favorite freethinkers (hot sugar, milo, eagle nebula, and more) to make some grown, broke nerd theme musics. Let's all get together and over analyze something.

Download Rent Party Extension here.