pacificUV, “American Lovers”

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15 years is an impressive span of time by any standards, especially when it comes to music. The typical band's life-expectancy is hardly more than a few years, creative differences and adverse personalities taking their wear on the gears until the whole machine comes to a crumbling halt. It's a game that the Athens, GA indie-rock group pacificUV know as well as any. Since forming in 1998, the band has included more than a dozen members. They've relocated out West and then back again, releasing three full length albums and a few EPs in the process.

It's been just over a year since pacificUV released the Weekends LP in January of 2012 and now they're back again with a new album on Mazarine Records. The forthcoming album, After the Dream You Are Awake, is set to be out May 14 and was composed, recorded and produced over the course of six months. “American Lovers” is the first single off the record. The song is ambient and atmospheric, whispered vocals hovering over drawn-out synth and soothing guitar. The band recruited poet Laura Soloman for the release, their efforts to effect a conceptual shift towards more lyrically-based music apparent in the catchy chorus hooks that appear throughout the song.

Upcoming tour dates below.

16 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
18 Athens, GA – 40 Watt
21 Charlotesville, VA – Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
23 New York, NY – Pianos
25 Baltimore, MD – Golden West Cafe