The Holydrug Couple, “Je t'aime… Moi Non Plus”

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Todo Muere Vol.3

Jack White might be the king of vinyl sales in 2012 and be one of the most synonmous names with Record Store Day exclusives, but now that it's three volumes deep Sacred Bones' Todo Muere compilation should be on every collectors wish list. Traditionally including b-sides and remixes, this year's collection features unreleased cuts from The Men and Wymond Miles, Zola Jesus covering Rihanna, Psychic Ills remixing Föllakzoid, and The Holydrug Couple covering Serge Gainsbourg's classic “Je t'aime… Moi Non Plus”.

The original (we usually lean towards the Jane Birkin duet) is the pillow talk of lovers, as intimate of an invitation ever put to record. There's really no getting around a tingle, goosebump, or reddened feeling in the cheeks from Birkin's heavy breathing as she gasps out “je t'aime”. It was written as a challenge answered to write the most beautiful love song possible, and while “beautiful” is a matter of taste, the passion cannot be disputed. The Holydrug Couple, a Chilean psych band, take to “Je t'aime…” as more of an instrumental passage, letting those organs wail above the reverbed vocals. Without all the heavy petting between Serge and Jane (or Brigitte Bardot, if you prefer), Holydrug emphasize that baseline, which seduces the low end, and let the sexuality develop at a medium pace. Does the Holydrug cover make it easier to sustain? Sure. That's probably why it is thirty seconds longer than the original, a duration Serge would appreciate after being accused of recording live sex in the original.

Sacred Bones' Todo Mueres Vol.3 is out April 20, available exclusively during Record Store Day.