Andrew Cedermark, “Canis Major”

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andrew cedermark

The sophomore effort from guitarist Andrew Cedermark is called Home Life and it's nothing if not especially sweet and remarkably sensitive. The record was recorded in three different East Coast states and has a twangy, straightforward rock-and-roll sound that gives us needly pangs of nostalgia. Cedermark realizes this in the lyrics he writes—covering all the soft spots, from love to leaving home to never growing up.

In this single, “Canis Major”, Cedermark exhibits not only his effortless guitar fingerwork but his ability to construct a well-rounded alt-rock song with tones of the open country calling. The touching high bass notes pull at those little hidden hearstrings, while Cedermark's acoustic-then-electric noodling makes us feel like we could be around a bonfire in Virigina in the middle of the balmy summer. Thankfully this record releases on July 16, exactly when that scenario could be a possibility. Listen to the track below and turn to Underwater Peoples for a preorder of the record here.