Park Wave, “Wave”

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Somewhere across the pond, four righteous Italians have thwarted the cries of Apple product naysayers. How, you may ask, did they enact this unthinkable deed? Why, by recording a demo on an iPhone, of course. The group, known as Park Wave, have released a version of their song “Wave” on their Soundcloud through the magic of Apple technology. On the track, grainy accoustics give way to a propulsive beat and angular guitars, recalling frenetic indie rock of the early-aughts. The energetic instrumentals are accompanied by a repeating refrain: “Soon this wave will strike us down again.” “Wave” is a preview of the debut—and in all likelihood, more masterfully recorded—promo that Park Wave is putting out soon.

Park Wave's debut promo, Breathe in/out, is out this month.