Patrick Sexx, “Travels Thru The Tundra”

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Patrick Sexx

If Patrick Sexx's debut The Shadow That Took Shape was a recluse's serenade to the evil that lurks in the woods, his contribution to our Friday Night series is an all-out disturbance of the peace. The “Travels Thru The Tundra” mix is in constant flux and mutation; a remix of the Soul Glo commercial from Coming To America, Houston rap colliding with stanky bass beats, and Danny Brown's “Blunt After Blunt” softened by the flute playing of eastern folk. If pinpointing the identity of Patrick Sexx has been a daunting task, do not come here for answers. “Travels Thru The Tundra” passes through the doors of perception without pausing to knock first, it free jumps down the rabbit hole without a bungee cord.

It's a mix best heard in the same manner as the narrator at the beginning describes the happenings of Andy and Virginia in a quiet suburban home from a distant era, “very stoned, listening to their collection of records, and giggling a lot”. We assure you, Sexx's blends will cause laughter, chronic head nodding, and the impulse to turn on, tune in, drop out. Listen with caution.

Patrick Sexx's The Shadow That Took Shape is out now on Alpha Pup.

“Travels Thru The Tundra” mix tracklisting:
Introduction (A Childs Garden Of Grass)
Roy Ayers “We Live In Brooklyn Baby” (Patrick Sexx Remix)
Dharmatma “Happy Theme”
Patrick Sexx “Vape Villian”
Dj Shadow “What Does Your Soul Look Like (part2)
Patrick Sexx “Code Red”
Bleep Bloop “Feel The Cosmos”
PSLO – Retrograde In Dub
The Other Side “Numbers”
Ersen “Gonese Don Cicgim”
Patrick Sexx “Sergio Speedboat”
Prince Jazzbo “Crime Don't Pay”
Patrick Sexx “Tao” ft: Bleep Bloop
Roy Ayers “Holiday” Edit
Ghislain Poirier “Mangne I Boule”
Horace Andy “Raggamuffin”
Patrick Sexx “Soul Glow”
Lorn & Dolor “My Keys”
Jarre “Oxygene pt.4” (Mike Jones “In My 64 edit)
Teddy Music “Silencer”
Maxsta “East London”
Pato Banton “King Step”
Andre Nickatine “Smoke Dope & Rap”
Wiley “Boom Boom Da Na”
Patrick Sexx “My Father & I”
Patrick Sexx “Zazu”
Gucci Mane “My Chain” (Los Angeles Negros Remix)
Mungo Hi-Fi “We Nah Spooky Dub”
Danny Brown “BAB” (Titts Bootleg”
Ananda Shankar “Parting”