Paul Wall still feels the struggle

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Paul Wall is well-versed in the Southern braggart style of discussing the intricacies of car paint and its similarities to candy and fruit colors, as well as the blinding effects of the diamonds in his grill. Prepare to meet the grown man side of Paul Wall on “Live It”.

It's truly difficult to select the most surprising element to Paul Wall's latest leak from his upcoming record Heart Of A Champion. Is it that Travis Barker has production skills and successfully sampled (recorded?) a contemporary jazz tenor sax? Is it that Paul Wall, of all rappers, is the one who chose this beat that will probably stick out like a sore thumb next to his southern bounce records? Is it that Paul Wall is showing growth as an artist who ain't getting any younger?

Whatever the case, “Live It” is the most unexpectedly dope record of 2010 thus far. Paul broke the mold with “Live It,” enlisting Yelawolf to croon a dope chorus, while Raekwon and Jay Electronica – two rappers at the top of their games – keep the focus in the guest spot roles. Too many rappers have let the guests steal the show, but Paul Wall ain't having that. He steps up his writing game, crediting Mob Figaz and Andre Nickatina as his inspirational sources in his quest for ballin' status.

Heart Of A Champion is out July 13.

Paul Wall, “Live It” (feat. Raekwon, Jay Electronica and Yelawolf)