Paw Paw (Feat. Gem Trails), "Evening Planets"

Post Author: JP Basileo

The stars have always fascinated and inspired humanity, permeating innumerable aspects of life and art and culture since as far back as memory goes. Denver’s Eston Lathrop’s ambient project Paw Paw constructs a serene cosmic landscape in a new single entitled, “Evening Planets,” off his forthcoming digital album, Communicating, out August 21 via Fire Talk Records. And yo, what better time to release this than the same day as a full solar eclipse? Featured on the track is Gem Trails, the solo project Trevor Lee Peterson, who played in Woodsman with Lathrop (and who also owns/heads Fire Talk). It’s a slow-moving sonic light formation, the audio of a change of colors in the Aurora Borealis. Synthetic, awestruck vocal drones introduce a spaciousness that might be found in a ceiling-less cathedral. The sound is at once huge and encompassing, yet totally graspable, like meeting and finally knowing god and infinity. It’s lonely up there, but completely fulfilling.
A plastic beat is introduced, accompanied by a percussive sample of what sounds like somebody saying the word “drip” really fast, and suddenly it’s a dance track? You can feel yourself growing increasingly weightless, floating up into space to tango with the title planets. The far-off sound of guitar chords and the introduction more structural snare drum serve as grounding agents, reminding you of home. An oozy bass completes the picture of serenity, putting the final motion in feet not touching ground. The drone trails and cuts off and you’re returned to your earthly body, free to go on with mundane earthly stuff, or hit ‘play’ again and be lost again. Let’s listen again on the 21st.