Paw Paw, “Slight Chant”

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Paw Paw

Contributing shaman to the Denver psych-experience known as Woodsman, Eston Lathrop is altering the template ever-so slightly towards drone as a mythical construct. Woodsman's drone is very tangible, ripped from the instruments under the spell of human touch. As Paw Paw, Lathrop conjures machine drones that aren't as easily applied to “man causes vibrations with his hand”. His drones exist beyond the drum circle tranquilty on “Slight Chant”.

Is it the distant hum of a highway? Is there a monolithic tuning fork tucked into the mountainside unseen beyond the glow of the campfire? What is making that steady hum that Lathrop plays for, strumming his guitar in solidarity, while two journeymen man the shakers and bongos. “Slight Chant” feels like a seance for a drone spirit, steady and tied to the rhythm of hypnotism. It will clear one's head of nuisances.

Released on Fire Talk (how apropo), Paw Paw's Temporalis / Epiphysis is a double album available on cassette and digital.