PC Worship, “Mellow Moon”

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PC Worship

PC Worship's “Mellow Moon” is the blues for mutants. The band with a record entitled Toxic Love in their wake, is practically gargling waste on the new 7″ on Sophomore Lounge.

The A-Side is a baffling departure, day break acoustics with a hint of ill-tuned dementia, but the b-side of “Mellow Moon” is fine-tuned dementia, subterranean psychedelia from the KREEPHAUS. There's this feeling that in giving yourself to the PC Worship the act of substance abuse loses its charm. Why bother when the placebo of PC Worship takes you there for that crippling reminder that your words will deteriorate to mush, you motor skills will fail you, your cognizance will warp, and when you're a mutant you'll be pariah.

As you get older, and if you're lucky a little wiser about drug use, songs like “Mellow Moon” gain true value. Opting for the placebo over an actual fix is the safe bet. There comes a time when you must ask yourself: $5 once for a PC Worship 7″ or $5 everyday for months that bleed into weeks into years into intervention into the white heat of shock therapy into never going back?

Order PC Worship's “Preach Under Cooked” b/w “Mellow Moon” 7″ at Sophomore Lounge.