Pcoat, “Division”

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Show Me The Future comp

Brandon Trude, pka Pcoat, snuck in through the office front door to get his music heard by Friends of Friends. He earned their comradry by getting coffee, licking stamps, sealing packages, and other mind-numbing tasks labels like to bestow upon interns. He completed his internship by landing a track on Friend of Friends' Show Me The Future compilation alongside established artists like Ryan Hemsworth, Octo Octa, and Kid Smpl.

On “Division” Trude manipulates a revving drone that feels on the verge of intensifying to deafening levels. Since the track will be his debut for most ears, he wisely peels back the dissonance for a mouth-popping downtempo interlude that stutters with esoteric transmissions. As the popcorn percussion keeps a playful bounce throughout the production, Pcoat fuses sci-fi blips and a fuzzy warm hum sample that always brings Bowser's lair to mind.

Pcoat's “Division” is streaming below.

Show Me The Future is out January 15 on Friends of Friends.