Peach Kelli Pop, S/T (Going Gaga Records)

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Peach Kelli Pop, S/T album art

Another shitty winter has arrived to remind you that you didn’t really take advantage of the summer.

Well, why not just say, “Fuck you, winter,” and put on this brand new Peach Kelli Pop record. Climb under a blanket with an ice cream sandwich in a bathing suit you never wore because you were under blankets eating ice cream sandwiches this summer and carpe diem the shit out of November.

Allie Hanlon (a.k.a. Peach Kelli Pop) is the little sugar-titted wizard that plays and sings all of these diddies. You have no business complaining about how cold it is and how you only want to listen to the same stupid sad records you listen to this time of year every year because she’s from Ottawa and that's in Canada and winter there probably sucks a lot more than wherever you crybabies are from. Plus, if there’s anything that will toast your buns, it’s the album equivalent of Joey Ramone and Fay Fife smashing on a pile of rainbows, amirite?

Peach Kelli Pop, “Girls of Summer”

Peach Kelli Pop, “Doo Wah Diddy”