Personal Space – “North Fork Wine”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

Brooklyn soft prog rockers deliver sardonic new single off forthcoming sophomore LP

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting on the couch with nowhere to go and nothing to do, scrolling and obsessing over the death spiral of the world in general, Brooklyn group Personal Space are right there with you. Their forthcoming sophomore album, A Lifetime of Leisure, is a sardonic set of individual portraits taking a look into the lives of Millenials who can’t ever slow down or Boomers that can’t seem to enjoy anything. This is all delivered and juxtaposed in a way with the band’s richly textured soft-prog rock that beautifully tangles Steely Dan with Minus the Bear.

The album’s latest single, “North Fork Wine,” is detailed as a, “parodic portrait of the progressive, liberal do-gooder who despite all their best intentions, still can’t quite diagnose why everything is so shit and why nothing they do seems to really matter or change anything.”

Listen to “North Fork Wine” below and catch up with all things A Lifetime of Leisure here.