Debut: Philip Seymour Hoffman, “Tulips for my Friends”

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Noah Klein delivered us this track, which is being released on a split cassette with Mutual Benefit (but how could it not) coming out December 15 on Kassette Klub. It's also available on Bandcamp as part of the album Your Loving Brother. The song is echoey and sparse, with a tensile lyricism threaded through. I thought of a time I saw Philip Seymour Hoffman perform at Shea Stadium. Klein set up a tent in the middle of the floor, and had lit up the space somehow, I don't remember exactly how, except that he had these little balls that had lights in them and people were tossing them around. Everyone sat on the floor (eewwwww) and were given instruments to play along with. There was an extended physical space between their heads and the ceiling that Klein seemed to be singing into, filling up with sound. This track works to create that conviviality in the home.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, “Tulips for my Friends”