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pictureplane the alien body mix

A few months ago, we sat down with PICTUREPLANE to chat about his Alien Body branding project, proliferating onto t-shirts, backpacks, and skateboards, among other items that will eventually be for sale. Today, though, it's more than just a logo concept, as he just put out The Alien Body Mixtape, featuring 17 tracks from all over the stylistic trap/club map. Rappers like Sole, Dose One and Noah 23 pepper in vocals and words, some sounding more alien-like than others. The mixtape includes a rework of “Living Every Dream” by Antwon, as well as a remix of LA's Skin Town's “2 Nite,” off their album The Room. Elsewhere, he riffs on his signature atmospheric heaviness, certain to make waves in small, dark, disorienting dance parties everywhere.