Yalls, “Bay Area United Mix”

Blake Gillespie


The Bay Area shows love; that's how it's always been. No one got together to decide they would big up the Bay at some The Wire-esque meeting of the minds dividing up turf and forming an unofficial union. The love is inherent in its residents and artists because it's a smaller scene and now more than ever, that scene is being challenged by the changes imposed upon the Bay Area. Enter Dan Casey, aka Yalls, latest album, United.

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Casey is embedded in the Bay Area. His label is based in Oakland, he's recently collaborated Oakland locals like Main Attrakionz, and he's part of an intricate network of producers and dance-infiltrators like Glenn Jackson, Short Circles, and Friend Zone. The “Bay Area United Mix” celebrates his surroundings with unreleased and exlusive glimpses into his friend's work and collaborations to come, like Glenn Jackson's Alicia Keyes edit, and a collaboration with David Reep. With 100s on his radar, we can only hope that Casey will eventually link up with him as well to bless our eardrums with even more Bay-centric music.

Yalls' United is out May 6 on Gold Robot Records.

Yalls' Bay Area United Mix:
01 Alicia Keys – You Don’t Know My Name (Glenn Jackson Edit) #rare
02 Emily Reo – Peach (Yalls Remix)
03 Casey & Reep – No Sports Pt. 2
04 Kites Sail High – Fence In Out
05 100s – Middle Of The Night
06 The Temprees – Mr. Cool That Ain’t Cool
07 Pale Blue Dot – Voyage

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