Pinkunoizu's “Jam Pt.1” mix

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Photo by Paul Heartfield

With Pinkunoizu's recently released The Drop LP the Copenhagen-based psych-kraut four-piece foregoed the notion of a conceptual recording so that the unconscious and intuitive instincts could direct the sound. Their faith in intuition translates to the band's curated mix for our Friday Night series. Once again, Pinkunoizu are less concerned with uniting the mix with a theme, in favor of collecting artifacts that satisfy in the moment.

At over an hour in length, “Jam Pt.1” mix is the first installment in a two part mix. The group explains the process below:

The following music stems from a listening session at home in Copenhagen – recorded live from vinyl, iPod and laptop onto a digital dictaphone with slight editing done afterwards.

There is no particular theme to the mixes apart from us putting on tracks we find interesting in any possible way. The idea is just that one person puts on a record and the next person chooses a suiting track to follow the previous, while listening to the music. Often a certain element from the previous piece of music leads one to choose a song that carries that element or motive further ahead. So this way of doing a mixtape is a sort of associative DJ’ing in depeche mode. It’s all about intuition.

All the music is from one session, but we have divided it into two parts, giving the listener a chance to actually grasp all of the music without getting totally overloaded. The running order is the actual live succession.

Pinkunoizu's The Drop LP is out now on Full Time Hobby.

Track Listing
01 Francesco Landino – Angelica Beltá
02 Alice Coltrane & Joe Henderson – Water
03 Arnold Dreyblatt – Point Rotation
04 Valby Vokalgruppe – We Came Through
05 Jimi Hendrix – Hey Gypsy Boy
06 Kevin Ayers – Whatevershebringswesing
07 Leonard Cohen – True Love Leaves No Traces
08 Sonic Youth – Little Trouble Girl
09 Charlemagne Palestine – One + Two + Three Fifths In The Rhythm Three Against Two On Bösendorfer Piano
10 Miaux – Ellipsilon
11 T. Robinson – Peche Matamua
12 Group Anmataff – Tinariwen
13 Ghostface Killer – Apollo Kids
14 The Ex & Getatchew Mekuria – Ethiopia Hagere

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