Pistol McFly & VerBS, Nuff Said

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Pistol McFly & VerBS

Pistol McFly & VerBS have released Nuff Said EP, a rare collection of tracks they've put together over the years for free on Bandcamp. The collab dishes some independent, west coast hip hop that sports nicely jazzy beats and smooth lyrical precision bringing to mind fellow L.A. duo People Under the Stairs and Souls Of Mischief.

Title track “Nuff Said”, which features bars from producer L!STED, wastes no time getting your head bobbin' and swishers rolling with the dudes nonstop verses coming one after the other. The strings, organs and soul samples in tracks like “Louder” and “Shame” should resonate with the backpackers of the world while “Dear Los Angeles” is an abstract open letter to the City Of Angels.

Check it out below.