Porcelain Raft gets remixed by some cool kids

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Porcelain Raft <i>Gone Blind</i> Remix EP

As you might remember from February's Gone Blind EP, the music of Porcelain Raft is home-recorded, characteristically plaintive, and tempered with whispery little vocals that make you feel as though you're accidentally listening in on someone's desperate phone messages to an ex-lover. The underlying broken relationships and loneliness of the music are about as tangible and pervasive as the instruments themselves, making for some seriously haunting, lovely music courtesy of the singer-songwriter behind the project, Mario Remiddi.

A new collection of remixes of the Gone Blind EP, released by witchy imprint Acephale Records and featuring label alumni Babe Rainbow, Memoryhouse, CFCF, Memory Tapes, and Pierce & Pierce, does little to turn that frown upside down…well, save for the awesomely rollicking, tweaked-out remix of “Gone Blind” by Memory Tapes, who helps make this collection appropriate even for those of us who haven't recently suffered soul-crushing heartbreak. You can download that track, as well as the rest of the remixes, on Acephale's website.

Porcelain Raft, “I Found A Way” (Memoryhouse Remix)