Providien, “Seeker of the Sun”

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Providien, Followed by a Wraith

Growing up in Indiana and having spent a few summers with family in
Ohio, I used to see The Buckeye State as a pit stain on the whole of America, a place full of East Coast wannabes stuck in
their conservative, Midwestern shells.

Clearly, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Ohio has since become the birthplace for a load of underground
goodies from creators so tired of their home state's negative image that they’ve set out to change
it. These myriad sounds have
turned that yellowing spot into far more fertile ground.

Enter Providien. The Ohioan duo of Mark Van Fleet (Sword Heaven) and Nathan
Reynolds (American Jobs) sludge up a swath from Defiance to Athens during the
1 ½ minute “Seeker of the Sun,” the first taste of Followed by a
–what promises to be a mud pie of frightening filth from
burgeoning label