Pupils of the Clock – D.M.T

Pupils Of The Clock is the collective name for UK Hip Hop aficionado’s Lazy Eyez and Tok. The duo met in college when Tok decided to put Lazy on a few of his first hip hop nights, which soon developed into a creatively lucrative collaboration.

Since then, the pair have been touring and networking in Bristol, building a solid fanbase and group of collaborators in their circle. Their debut album Timeless has given them a solid credibility in the underground scene, prompting collaborations with the likes of Benaddict, Res One and Chillman.

“Live performance is imperative because it gifts us the opportunity to connect with our fans on a deeper level. Also, even since recording the album last year we have developed massively as artists and our stage show allows us to share our growth with our fanbase.”

Their new single D.M.T is vintage Pupils. An anagram for Dead men Tomorrow, it’s a stunning piece of sample heavy hip hop with a powerful message.

“We’re all connected through definitive mortality but infinite in intricate wisdom that we give clarity.”