The Zen of ambient duo Quiet Evenings

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Quiet Evenings, Transcending Spheres

Once the snickering subsides from hearing that the label run by the duo behind Quiet Evenings is dubbed Hooker Vision, our adolescent minds are quickly subdued by the beauty of Rachel and Grant Evans’ latest work, Transcending Spheres. It helps that Preservation–not Hooker Vision—is behind this rare release as part of their Circa series.

The album’s title track is breathtaking, largely due to the alien isolation it captures in gentle sweeps of synth and guitar. “Transcending Spheres” sways like deep ocean foliage and bellows like a faint solar wind. Time is enveloped by the composition until all that’s left is you and the beaconing void. Not even the greatest Zen Buddhist can explain this sort of oneness.

Quiet Evenings, “Transcending Spheres”