Radian – “Skyskryp12”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Austrian innovators tease new album Distorted Rooms with dynamic new single

Prepare your sonic senses, because Vienna-based trailblazers Radian are gearing up to drop their upcoming album Distorted Rooms on Sept. 22, and they’re giving us a taste of their musical wizardry with the captivating single “Skyskryp12.” The track is a rollercoaster of dynamics and contrast, weaving between hushed moments of near-silence and cascading walls of sound that keep you on the edge.

Guitarist Martin Siewart dives into the track’s essence: “‘Skyskryp12’ plays with the idea of recording an unamplified electric guitar (giving this really thin, ‘zingy’ sound) that only later comes into full flight when the big ‘wall of sound’ guitar amps kick in. It’s all about suspense.”

“Skyskryp12” is a mere glimpse into the intricate soundscapes that Radian crafts throughout Distorted Rooms. The trio, known for their sonic experimentation, embraces the endless potential of the electric guitar, transforming familiar sounds into revelations. They play with the unexpected, amplifying minute gestures like pedal switches and guitar pickup toggles to create textures that sizzle and foam with intriguing complexity. Their approach involves what they call “microscopic micing,” elevating subtle sounds to explosive volumes, challenging conventional dynamics and engaging listeners in a wholly creative manner. As they explain, “We often use super-loud sounds and put them in the mix very softly.”

Across Distorted Rooms, Radian delves into the fusion of human expression and mechanical allure, crafting performances that oscillate between the tangible and the ethereal. The album showcases their unique ability to reshape guitar tones into otherworldly textures, and to blend analog drum machines with live percussion, blurring the boundaries of traditional instrumentation. With each note, Radian reshapes our understanding of musical creation and sonic realms, promising an album that’s as invigorating as it is groundbreaking.

You can pre-order the album HERE and give “Skyskryp12” a spin below: