Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Rising London producer drops another dreamy drum and bass banger

London’s TURQUOISEDEATH is only 16 years old, but they’re already a part of the latest crop of DIY producers currently lighting up the internet’s DIY underground. Earlier this year, they dropped the bold, futuristic album Se Bueno, which seamlessly stitched together elements of dream pop, shoegaze and post rock against a backdrop of atmospheric drum and bass beats. With guest features from Parannoul, Asian Glow, BrokenTeeth, 2 0 2 1, and Astrophysics, the album toggled between puncturing jungle structures and stratospheric noise rock soundscapes with ease, making it one of the year’s best albums so far.

Now, TURQUOISEDEATH is back with another dreamy track called “Feeling,” which appears on a new compilation called Dreamcore, Vol. 1 from record label dreamstation. “Feeling” is pensive and ethereal and features a bevy of bleary glitches backed by subtle amen breaks and celestial synth tones. It’s a streamlined encapsulation of the producer’s disparate sonic impulses, bridging the gap between hazy dream pop and atmospheric DnB in a way that feels nostalgic and forward-thinking all at once. It’s a perfectly serene track to reel in the start of fall.

Dreamcore, Vol. 1 also features tracks from like-minded artists such as Vierre Cloud, Empty Blue, and more. You can listen to the entire compilation, including “Feeling,” below: