Rain on Fridays – ‘3’ EP

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

San Diego pop-punk duo drops stunning new EP of acoustic ballads

Rain on Fridays is one of a number of exciting young rock bands emerging from the San Diego music scene right now. Comprised of musicians Madison Coe and Jesse Miller, the duo crafts a catchy, searing blend of indie-rock, emo, and pop-punk. And so far, they’ve demonstrated tremendous versatility in their recorded output. Their excellent 2019 debut LP Mono Monday packed a rollicking garage-punk punch, while their Rain Man EP was exclusively filled with poignant, stripped-down acoustic ballads. Imagine a feverish blend of Green Day, Modern Baseball, and Bleached – with a dash of American Football.

Last week, Rain On Fridays continued their promising creative streak with their stunning new acoustic EP 3. The record contains five songs tackling topics such as relationship drama, growing pains, and self-esteem, amongst other (painfully) relatable themes. 3 also features beautiful vocal harmonies, lyrics that are witty and confessional, expertly-rendered guitar melodies, and choruses that absolutely soar. The second track “Hooked” is a particular highlight, with its driving acoustic chords fervently dueling each other as Coe’s effusive voice comes through in inspiring fashion: “And I miss the comfort of being a fuck-up with my friends/ Drain the good in my blood/ It turned me bad, bad, bad, bad…” The rest of the record falls right in line – stripped-down instrumentals, tight musicianship, and honest songwriting.

Rain on Fridays are keeping busy playing live shows around San Diego. They’re even curating an upcoming festival at the Che Café – the cleverly-named Rain on Friday the 13th – featuring a musical lineup of all women-fronted acts. That one goes down on Friday, March 13, and includes bands like Moon Fuzz, Strawberry Army, It’s Butter, Forever Emerald, and more. You can check out that poster below.

You can also purchase Rain on Fridays’ 3 HERE and sample it below.