Stream Real Life Buildings’ It Snowed

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Matthew Van Asselt of Baby Mollusk has a new project out under the moniker of Real Life Buildings, whose live band also features Gabby Smith and Felix Walworth from Eskimeaux, Bellows, and Told Slant. Matthew helps run the tape label Mt. Home Arts who put out the recent Whatever, Dad tape, 100% Take Home. Matt’s new album, It Snowed, starts off with an under-a-minute track, “In the Sky Today”, which sets the stream-of-consciousness journal entry tone that dominates most of the album.

Second track “Thaw” takes us through a mundane snow day with underlying profundity: “The suns peaking out and the all its wavelengths get absorbed by my black jeans and my skin gets too hot, so the ice must be starting to melt and I’ve been setting my alarm earlier every morning so maybe I’m getting there,” he sings in low, hesitant monotone.

The final two tracks, “I Wanted To” and “I Wanted You To”, aptly put into words the tendency of our impulses to atrophy: “I wanted to write you a letter but I got caught up with other things” and “I’ve grown used to not caring all that much, but now I do and I feel this pressure, and I get so in my head for every action, every word I haven’t said.”

The cassette is out on Mt. Home Arts and can be purchased here. Stream the album in full, below.