Resin Debuts "Hoarse", Shares Exclusive Playlist Titled "Called in Sick and Tired"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Los Angeles-based electro-ambient artist Resin has been kicking ass and taking names as of late. Not only do we have the exclusive premiere of her highly relatable new track “Hoarse”, but she also curated a playlist exclusively for Impose. And the girl has a stellar sense of humor, as she titled it “Called in Sick and Tired: AKA Millennials Don’t Like to Be Happy.” (We’re hilariously on board with it all.)
“Hoarse” isn’t that at all, though Resin’s gorgeous raspy vocals are absolutely notable. The track glides slowly along, hitting hard with the bass at the chorus. Although it sounds very much like an ambient rave track, there are things to note in the lyrics, intelligently thought out as she always is.
Says Resin about the track: “‘Hoarse’ is a song about how your mental state effects you. The idea for the song came to me after I attended a rave festival and was feeling a lot of pressure to enjoy myself. The song is a reflection of me feeling guilty for battling anxiety while everyone around me was just having fun.”

And now for the playlist. Enjoy!

  • Mysterons by Portishead // Wonderful, sophisticated darkness. Theremin makes this track even more epic. Resin music is heavily influenced by this track.
  • Laid in Earth by Ane Brun // As a huge Ane Brun fan, I wasn’t surprised how well she pulled off this century old song.
  • D-7 by Nirvana // I believe this is actually a cover but Nirvana definitely made it Nirvana. Purest grunge in its darkest form and my never ending source of inspiration
  • I want you (She’s so heavy) by Beatles // Total masterpiece. Simple, simple, simple while cinematic and complex – brilliant. SO daring
  • The Gallow’s Pole by Odetta // How amazing is this song?! Always getting lost in the timing. Beautiful blues, intense Odetta
  • Hurt by NIN // Lyrical masterpiece if we’re talking honest lyrical monologue. Guitar feedback and crackling used as musical instruments.
  • Knock me out by Linda Perry // One of the most beautiful love songs. You can feel the pain. Brings back tons of memories.
  • Girls Talk by Garbage // Girls suck and as much as I’ve heard this song somewhere before it’s still so good. Plus it merges three heroes of mine – Garbage, Brody Dale and Butch Vig
  • Old Black by Earth // Perfection. Metal ambient. Earth. Strings. Dylan Carlson. Washington.

Fidget is out August 25th. Keep up with the hilarious tastemaker Resin here.