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howling at hades

Howling At Hades is a moody record, but from all I hear, that's typical of Rich Hil. Nero fits well into Hil's dark world, as the two could not have planned a better time to drop this record. While there are missteps like inching too close to the Halloween score for “Nightmare” and “Where They Go” (only in a different key), at the heart of Howling At Hades are two troublesome rappers that lurk hard like strangers in the night.

Nero blogged that the majority of the record was recorded witching hours of the night on into the rising new day. Howling At Hades sounds as though despite recording through sun up, the duo were holed up in a window-less basement, emerged in darkness. In accordance with Nero's lost concept of time, we've got a quote Ms. Rosenberg, his history teacher, who's testified to his neurosis;

“Nero actually moonlights as an honors high school student. I won't
reveal his name “on the outside” but I can say that he also excels
beyond the hip-hop world in my AP U.S. History class. I'm hoping to see
him integrate some stuff he's learned in my class on some future

In addition to his record with Rich Hil, Nero's contribution to the Xaphoon Jones mixtape is making the rounds. Entitled “Lights Out,” it would seem Nero is consumed in darkness, but it works for the young loner.

“Nero, “Lights Out”

Download Howling At Hades here.