Roman The Cartoon Shares ‘Cruella De Vil’

Roman The Cartoon Shares “Cruella De Vil”

LA based and Cincinnati native, Roman started rapping in high school as a means of sparking theatrical rap beefs between friends, who encouraged him to keep at it after recognising his talents. Since moving to LA, he’s performed a number of influential events and has worked his songwriting magic on the likes of Airplane Pt.2, Love Yourself: Her and has even worked with Nikki Minaj.

Roman has been continuing to hone his own musical artistry, with his debut release Frontside reaching New Music Friday in both the UK and US along with Apple Music playlist addition US. Collaborating primarily with Paul White, the U.K. based multi instrumentalist hip-hop producer responsible for the bulk of production on Danny Brown’s critically acclaimed experimental rap album Atrocity Exhibition. Together, Roman and White create psychedelic and often cinematic sonic collages.

Cruella De Vil is the latest project from the young songwriter. It’s a bold take on Hip Hop sure to hit well with fans of Flying Lotus.

“The chorus is about having sex with a witch. I just feel like witch sex isn’t talked about enough in modern music and it’s time for a change. People say Roman you’re such a brave activist and I say hey, I’m just doing my part. Are you doing yours? “