Romantic States, Still Petals

Romantic States

While Videohippos have remained in hibernation for the past year or two, Jim Triplett has found a new outlet for his sounds. Romantic States is his current project – solo recordings with live help from Ilenia Madelaire that offer a quieter and more stripped-down peek into the mind of Triplett.

After a handful of singles and a cassette via Tater Junction, Romantic States recently released a new EP with Beko-DSL called Still Petals.

“Rifle Range” is the third song on the EP, but you won't hear any shots fired on this track. Like the rest of the EP, “Rifle Range” seems intended for quiet summer evenings or long car rides – wherever there's a breeze blowing. Triplett's songs are ideal for more intimate moments, wrapping you with layers of melody and washes of guitar like a cocoon. While these washes of warmth are the forefront, it's Jim's vocals that are the most endearing, as they feel as if he's telling a story to you and you alone.

With intimacy comes rejoice, and “The Fourth” is your new Star-Spangled Banner.

Still Petals is available as a free download from Beko-DSL.