BK One's '09 record gets new life in remixes

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Tema Do Canibal EP

BK One and Benzilla dropped a criminally slept on LP of Brazilian funk fed through the chopping block of hip hop production techniques in '09, entitled Rádio Do Canibal. Two years later the album is being revisited with a remix EP that enlists the help of legitimate Brazilians who cultivated the sounds BK One sampled. The Tema Do Canibal EP reinterpets the original record with the help of Exile and MF Doom on “Mind The Gap”, while the remainder of the EP is given to Brazilian musicians like DJ Nuts with the help of Helio Milito (inventor of the tamba), maestro Arthur Verocai (who wrote, arranged and conducted an entirely new version of BK's “Tema Do Canibal”) and a few dancefloor remixes by Mike 2600 and Tom Noble.

BK One crafted a mini-mix, complete with commentary on each remix, that follows his favorite moments from the EP.

The Tema Do Canibal EP is out August 30 on Rhymesayers Entertainment.