Ryshon Jones, “Joymance”

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Ryshon Jones

After listening to Drake‘s Views, an album in which the Toronto rhymer is Tony Soprano-esque in his unwillingness to broach the obvious breakthrough and realize how much he has inflicted his romantic circumstance upon himself, it’s refreshing to hear Ryshon Jones‘ “Joymance”. The Philly MC, preparing his upcoming You’re Safe Now project, exhibits a raw honesty about his shortcomings on the track.

“I’m so young and complicated, but that’s no excuse,” Jones admits over the rosy synths and whirring percussion arranged by producer JWT. D.C. songbird Zeroni augments the track with an agonized chorus, retorting “are we two stars, out of control, out of orbit?”

On “Joymance”, Jones acknowledges both his conflicting thoughts and the contradictory actions of he and his love interest, noting “you throwin’ up the deuce, screamin I got growin’ up to do, but then you runnin’ back, so who the fool, me or you?”

The track is a true-to-life reflection of a troublesome relationship built on “overwhelming tension,” which is a positive harbinger for the lyricist’s upcoming project.