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sea of bees

It's rare but sometimes we geek out for Americana. This is one of those delicate moments as Sea of Bees was too invading to the ear to ignore.

Julie Ann Bee has a cool name. The acronym is J.A.B. Her last name is a sweet insect that gets wasted on pollen, in addition to being the prompt for her band's name. I don't know whether to imagine a sea of insects coming my way or a sea of Julie Ann Bee clones, either way I don't think I'd be able to supply enough flowers for the army.

Sea of Bees' Songs For The Ravens is a heavy album to ingest. Texturally splendid, the big finish is that, save for a few instrumental lines and the drums, Jules played all the instruments heard on her record; this includes handheld percussion, glockenspiel, guitar, bass, keys, marimba and
slide. If her mountain of instruments still has you mean mugging the girl, you'll soften up quick when her pipes hit your ears. She's cutsey without going all bubblegum-Chairlift on us, which is emphasized by the vulnerability she exhibits on songs like “Won't Be Long” and “Blind”. Listening to Songs For The Ravens makes me less resistant to the label “singer-songwriter,” simply typing those words makes me cringe, but Julie Ann Bee soothes that grating screech in my skull.

Songs For The Raven is out now on Crossbill Records.

Sea of Bees, “Marmalade”