Sean Bone's post-VW pop will rot your teeth, get you laid

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sean bones

Sean Bones is making me feel very sensitive right now, but if you can't stand the sweet spot, then this post isn't for you, and you will never know what puppy love is, fool.

Take it at face value, because below the surface, you will only find more identical layers of clean guitars and uptempo hooks: this is Brooklyn hipsta reggae for the non-stoner set, it's Vampire Weekend doing Jimmy Cliff covers, it's a bro who once holed up in a bedroom tapping out Farfisa tunes but has emerged for the spring to make the college girls swoon and to iron out the khakis with the skinny jeans.

Bones is currently touring with Dr. Dog. Enjoy this, the other half to his recently released “Rhumba Beat” digital single.

Sean Bones, “Let's Do Something Else”