Serengeti announces Kenny Dennis III

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While Serengeti’s commitment to the Kenny Dennis character is not on Neil Hamburger levels of dedication, he continues to revisit the O’Douls swillin’, brat cookin’, middle class Chicagoan with accent as thick as his mustache. It began with Dennehy, the title track introducing Kenny as former JIVE recording artist turned married man with a deep love for Chicago sports franchises, and took on a new life with an EP and LP on Anticon. In November, Joyful Noise will release Kenny Dennis III, the next episode in the adventures of Kenny Dennis and his sidekick Ders, played by Anders Holm of Workaholics.

On “No Beginner”, Kenny maps out his dietary regiment of “hot dog for lunch / hot dog for dinner / don’t eat breakfast / I am no beginner” as the new champion’s formula—no Wheaties for the KDz. With Odd Nosdam on the production once again, the first single from KDIII maintains the framework established in previous albums, a healthy dose of bluesy production to compliment the average heroics of an adult rapper.

Kenny Dennis III is out November 11 on Joyful Noise.