Serengeti goes shopping cart pimpin'

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Serengeti's latest solo record is produced by the cheekily-arty Yoni Wolf of Why and Adance Base (Owen Ashworth of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone)? It is dropping on the Oakland-based avant-gardian rap turned weirdo-electronica label Anticon. But, Serengti is a Midwest boy at heart and few things convey that better than cupcaking on the paint mixing bitty at Menard's hardware store.

Serengeti is calls himself a palace guard in “Ha-Ha”, but he comes off as more a stalker with a positive story. The the apple of his eye is a Menard's employee who used to work at Lowe's, which translates to “I found you, again”. As creepy as that should be, he ends up sharing a smoke with the paint-mixing bitty and she eventually helps him get over his love-sick relationship with rap music. Everybody has their secrets, but Serengti's are hidden beneath the sprightly vocals of Hazel and Martha Brown (of Otouto) on the chorus.

Serengti, “Ha-Ha”

Serengeti's Friends & Family is out July 19 on Anticon.