Error Broadcast re-issues Shlohmo's debut EP for Record Store Day

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Shlohmo, Shlo-fi EP

Before the Places EP and the world tours, Shlohmo had a small vinyl pressing entitled Shlo-fi on Error Broadcast. Originally released in 2009 and re-released in 2011, Shlo-fi was Henry Laufer before he discovered his niche within the Los Angeles beat scene that became the Bad Vibes LP. It exists in direct lineage to his elders at Alpha Pup and Brainfeeder. Laufer is infiltrating their world, but he's not out to copycat. Shlo-fi sounds closer to the Shlohmo live set rather than his later works, as it pushes the feeling and the moment rather than seeking to encapsulate an epiphany before it fades out forever.

On Record Store Day Error Broadcast will re-issue Shlo-fi once again, expanding the release a step further to include more remixes, including our premiere below, an updated version of “Socks” featuring Cow Yote and Yungeth Dre. On “Socks” the two rappers let their braggadocio and bugged out point of views run wild over Shlohmo's off-kilter production. Mr. Yote and Yungeth Dre both prove their mastery of boss levels, claiming their respective thrones. Despite “Socks” being nearly five years old, the new life it gets from the contributions of Yote and Dre give it a rebirth that feels as immediate and progressive as any inventive rap record currently on the market.

Stay tuned to Error Broadcast for more information on obtaining Shlo-fi on Record Store Day.