Short Fuze & Nasa, “Oddest Future”

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Short Fuze & Nasa

It's been four years since Uncommon Records founder and in-house producer Nasa teamed up with Chicago's Short Fuze on their debut record Lobotomy Music. Given the sound of “Oddest Future”, it feels as though the follow-up the duo are currently making could be headed in the same paranoid and damaged mind state the debut's title suggests.

Initially debuted on our Newtown Radio Show, Audio Imposition, last week, “Oddest Future” is the sonic recognition of control systems that keep us in wool blindfolds, from masonic and new world order fears to the media's phobia mongering platforms. Nasa's production operates in a space born in the off-kilter haunts of late 90s underground, channeling the same doomed-boom bap often associated with El-P and Bomb Squad, while Short Fuze utilizes a deadpan delivery that mirrors the comfortable numb masses who fail to see how odd and deceptively dystopian our waking lives have become. It was 2002 when Non Phixion declared The Future Is Now, while maintaining a steady distrust for brighter days. Over a decade later, Short Fuze brings the same school of thought to his music, proving we're losing the war and still far from even revealing the enemy's true identity.

Short Fuze & Nasa's “Oddest Future” b/w “Breakdance for the Def” is out January 21 on Uncommon Records.