Shy Boys, “Ride” b/w “Julia”

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Shy Boys

Brandon Biondo is a band forming machine. He's done significant work as Walsh, producing for the likes of Antwon and Main Attrakionz in addition to releasing phenomenal solo EPs. He's got COOLRUNNINGS, or maybe he doesn't anymore, the flagship band to his label Dracula Horse. While today marks the announcement of his new three piece Shy Boys with roommate Nichole Mcminn and Chris Rusk of Royal Bangs.

Biondo explains the formation of Shy Boys:

I was living about a mile away on east 5th with some guys but we all had to leave the place we were living in. I moved into a house in 4th and Gill that Nichole was moving out of. I actually moved into her old room. Several months later she moved back in to the house but took the room in the back of the house. We both had really fucked up sleep schedules and she works at a bar here in town and sometimes wouldn't get home until 5am. I'd always be up, watching movies or working on something. We just ended up hanging out a lot. She said she wanted to play bass so I gave her a short scale gretsch and the band just kind of happened. “Julia” was a song I had been working on while she was working one night, I just hadn't layed down any bass and she ended up playing bass and singing. The sound was just kind of natural, it's not like we were trying to go for any particular sound. So basically at its core, it's just Nichole and I but Chris Rusk of Royal Bangs has played some drums as well. We are going to do a very limited run of vinyl, anywhere from 20-50 Lathe cuts but that's probably it. We've got two other songs finished but I think the plan is to release singles and maybe put them all together at the end.

The A-side “Ride” properly introduces Nichole as the lead, while Biondo's heavy howl lurks below her scratchy alto encouragements to ride west until the green plains give way to desert sands. These digital links to the will be justly served as roadtrip companions, but keep tabs on Shy Boys for pressing announcements for that limited run.