Shy Mirrors, “Tramming Up”

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shy mirrors

The thrill of seeing a band with the word “mirror” in its name whose tape was released on a label with the word “mirror” in its name is even too much for a meta-lover like me to find meaning in. The group is Shy Mirrors and the label is Mirror Universe Tapes, and with all of its scuzzy, fast-beating manipulated acoustic strums paired with nasally, brat-heavy vocals, Shy Mirrors can't possibly be that shy after all. But with their ranging influences and Joy Division-via-geometry tape cover, it's hard to tell if the mirror is facing us or them. The project is the brainchild of former Wolfie member Mike Downey, who took his Chicago sound and moved it all the way to Sweden. The song below, “Tramming Up”, is under two minutes, and gives you just enough of a taste of their recent release, Wrong Bomb, to know that it's a burn-all-night, punk to please host of tracks best listened to on the roof of your car as airplanes fly by.

“Tramming Up” can be streamed below, and you can pick up Wrong Bomb through Mirror Universe here.