Single Girl, Married Girl, “Why Should I Hide”

Sophie Kemp

Nicole Mago

Astoria based five-piece Single Girl, Married Girl makes beachy folk pop that asks you to sway to the rhythm. In their new song “Why Should I Hide,” is a sweet and relaxed little piece of validation that is all about letting yourself dance into the spotlight. Told through front woman Chelsey Coy’s beautiful vocals and an arrangement of dreamy upright bass, banjo, drums and guitar, “Why Should I Hide,” bares itself for all to see. The song’s message is simple: give yourself the green light, let yourself have fun for once. It’s the kind of sentiment that makes you feel like who you are and what you do matters in a larger sense.


In the band’s own words:

“Why Should I Hide” is a response to Kings of Convenience’s “Mrs. Cold.” It is the question you might ask yourself when someone knows how you feel about them, and is giving you the green light, but you can’t pull the trigger. Related situation: standing on the edge of a crowded, bumpin’ dance floor, knowing how bad you are, but also knowing that if you just let go, you can lose yourself in its warm embrace.


“Why Should I Hide” comes from the band’s forthcoming LP, Spark, which is due out May 19th.

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