Sky Ferreira, “I Blame Myself” (Negative Supply remix)

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Sky Ferreira Negative Supply

Six months strong, Negative Supply are the new remix arm of Brooklyn-based record label GODMODE, made up of Jeremy Krinsley (former Impose editor and member of Alan Watts) and Nick Sylvester (Pitchfork contributor and Godmode head). For their first release, they've reworked Sky Ferreira's “I Blame Myself” off her latest album, into an unrecognizable dance track, salvaging only slivers of the original melody and filtering them through a pulsing, acidic beat.

Sylvester breaks down the operation: “The performances are live analog drum machine and synthesizer improvisations. We record and dub the sets straight to tape on location and sell them in limited batches of ten.” He goes on to say, “as a remix arm, Negative Supply is a personality. It's a set of sounds we've developed together. James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy from DFA are obvious touchstones. Soulwax, Maurice Fulton, and Falke/Braxe too. There's a generosity to their work that we both admire. It also sounds egoless to my ears. They think of themselves as craftsmen, making a song work. That's how I think of Negative Supply. We're the fucking plumbers.”

Any incredulity we had as to their choice of Sky Ferreira as remix fodder quickly faded when Krinsley said, “It's really fun to drag the corners of a slick pop song into the center of a remix. Breath noises are sick.” As for the future, the boys intend to keep up the good work, opting for “a mountain of remix singles” over a full-length album, according to Krinsley.

Stream the track here.